About Dr. Burkey

Dr. Mark L. Burkey is a Professor of Economics at North Carolina A&T State University.  He is a Regional Scientist/Microeconomic Theorist who specializes in spatial modeling.  His recent work combines Economic Theory, GIS, and Operations Research methods in order to analyze the accessibility of facilities (such as hospitals), and how accessibility can be most efficiently improved.  He is also adept at applying spatial econometrics to answer research questions.

Dr. Burkey has been a Principal Investigator on grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, US Department of Transportation, and the University of North Carolina System.  His research has been published in journals such as Annals of Regional Science, Transportation Research Part A, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, The Review of Regional Studies, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, Economic Analysis and Policy, OR Insight, Natural Resources Journal, and Environmental and Resource Economics.

Dr. Burkey loves making YouTube videos to help students everywhere learn economics, statistics, GIS Software, and econometrics (including a new project on Spatial Econometrics).  See www.burkeyacademy.com for a complete listing of videos. Dr. Burkey is also the co-editor of The Review of Regional Studies, a journal on Regional Science: The Intersection of Geography and Economics.  Read it for free here: www.srsa.org/rrs

On a more personal note, Dr. Burkey is married to Angela, and has a wonderful son named Pierce.  They live in beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

See my Academic CV for more information.

 Education:   Ph.D. in Economic Theory, Duke University
                       BS in Banking, Economics, and Mathematics, Appalachian State University

Where Dr. Burkey has been lately...

  • Dr. Burkey presented papers at the SRSA in Washtington, DC and NARSC in Atlanta, GA on health care accessibility in 2013.
  • Pierce (4 years old) and I have been hiking a lot-- he can go for a few miles without complaining-- I wish I could!
  • Dr. Burkey presented a paper at the North American Regional Science Council meetings in Ottawa, Canada in November, 2012.  I got to watch the Remembrance Day ceremonies in front of Parliament.

And where he is going...

  • Coming up next are the Southern Regional Science meetings in San Antonio, TX in March 2014. 
  • Dr. Burkey is currently working on a Spatial Econometrics teaching project.  Working with Don Lacombe at WVU and others, he is putting together a set of YouTube videos and other teaching tools to help people learn how to do spatial econometrics from start to finish, including using GIS tools!  This ambitious project will take many, many months.  Stay tuned for more information!